Friday, 11 January 2019

Bowen Whitsundays Palm Lakeside Holiday Home Things to Do Part1

Bowen Queensland has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia yet they are the Whitsundays best kept secret.

Bowen, the top of the Whitsundays in Queensland - What to do and Where to go

The town of Bowen is just ripe for the picking when it comes to tourism. It has largely been bypassed by travellers for the past years due to a major lack of marketing and the locals wanted to keep it a secret. But now the word is out and you need to visit before the crowds pile in.

What is there to see and do in Bowen you ask?

Some of the most beautiful family friendly beaches in Australia are located on the coast of Bowen and they are so safe and accessible. Once you visit them you will see why the locals want to keep them a secret. Kings Beach, Queens Beach, Rose Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Greys Bay, Edgecombe Bay to name a few. The towns Jettty is off the esplanade at the end of the main street of town Herbert Street, so once you get on there just keep going until you reach the end, the view to the Whitsunday Islands from there is magnificent. There is also a free waterpark on the esplanade where you can give your kids a break while you take in the views.

Take a turn to the left and head up to Flagstaff Hill where you can take in 360 degree views of the town and the Whitsundays, plan this for sunset and you wont be dissapointed.
If you are feeling peckish during your stay there are several fresh seafood shops right on the marina where you can buy fresh fish and take it home to cook or place an order for takeaway at Birds Fish Bar, head out the back and eat it next to the fishing boats in their outdoor area.
The main Street of Bowen, extra wide streets make for easy stress free driving.

The township of Bowen itself is very open and inviting, the wide streets give you plenty of choice for parking and its grid pattern makes it very easy to navigate. A little know fact about Bowen is that the person who designed the layout of the streets was the same as the man who designed the streets of Canberra because Bowen was originally destined to be the capital but it never came to fruition.

We highly recommend that your first stop after getting settled into the Palm Lakeside Holiday Home is The Big Mango which is just up the road on the Bruce Hwy. There are so many places to visit and adventures to be had, I have only touched on a few points here and will continue to share our experiences and reasons why you need to consider Bowen as your next family holiday destination.
Sunrise over the Lake and Pool at the Palm Lakeside Accommodation Bowen